Simple Introduction

If you are new to simple or applying to simple please use these as guideline rules, we dont expect anyone to read them start to finish. It would cause some headaches :)

We've always tried to keep the rules simple. Even though it seems like there is a lot of writing here, essentially all the rules evolve around the fact that we are a raiding guild that uses a ranking system to distribute loot. We have had a lot of new people in the guild that felt that a more structured post should be made stating the rules, general practice  and conventions of the guild. 
Not everyone will agree 100% with the rules, but the only thing we can say is that everything is taken into consideration. If you would like to discuss any of the rules please start a new forum topic or whisper an officer. From time to time we review the rules and adopt them to suit current situations. They are constantly being updated.
These rules have been discussed and written together with all the officers. If you have any questions about the rules, the officers can always help you clarify or explain them to you.
Getting Started in Simple 
If you have a trial in Simple, grats on getting this far, and welcome =). Here is the FAQ for new guildies:
Team Speak:
Download HERE. This info can be found in the guild tab ingame, but make sure you get TS 3 CLIENT version.


Addons (required for raiding):
Omen Threat Meter
Big Wigs
Calendar & Members section Access:
- Before you can sign up to the calendar & see the members section of the forum the roster must have been updated.
- Then you can sign up on the calendar HERE
- Please use your main character's name as your user name.
- You must attend 66% of our main raids (2/3 per week) our official raid days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
- If are are not chosen, and are still avalible for the raid you will be counted as attending should you be online for the duration of the raid.
- If you cannot make a raid please cancel the sign up.
- If you have signed and not shown up this will not count towards attendance.
- Off days raid will not count towards attendance.
Approvals - 7.55pm server time.
Invites start - 8pm sever time.
First pull - 8.15pm sever time.
Ends - 11.30 pm server time. (If we run over and need to leave you will not be penalized).
Sometimes raids can continue past scheduled time, you are not penalized if you cannot stay for longer.
NOTE: The officers may changed the destination due to sign ups, though this is unlikely.
Basic Loot rules:
We do use EPGP. We roll based on ranks, which is as follows:


Offspec/Dualspec/Alts/Officers alts used in raids
Offspec/Dualspec/Alts/Officers alts used outside raids
Outside armor class
Disenchanting for guild bank


We ask all members to be considerate and to think of others when rolling. For a more detailed break down of looting please go see below.


Trail Period:
2-4 weeks. This time is not only to see if a new person fits into the guild, but if the guild is right for the player. To become a Members rank you must fulfill the 66% day raid attendance, and preform at the standard of the other members. For a more detail break down of ranks please see below.


When applying to the guild you announce a main character and role (IE. Paladin, healer). We do not allow alts/offspecs to official 25man raids unless specifically asked by an officer. However there are many chances for alts/offspecs in this guild with heroics & 10mans. Initiates must wait to bring in alts at the discretion of the officers. Normally after the trial period you may bring your alt characters in.
The Ranks are as follows:
- Guild Master
- Officer
- Officer Alt
- Member
- Initiate
- Alt
- Friend
- Are there to sort out the day to day stuff concerning, raids, website, signups and so on.
- Will have full guildbank access.
- Will be forum & guild site Moderator.
- Have the same looting prio as Members.
Officer Alt
- Same chat access as officers.
- Same loot prio as alts.
- Will need to attend atleast 2 raids a week and preform at the standard of the other members/officers.
- Have gear suited for the content we raid.
- Is allowed mats from guildbank for there main character and spec.
- Has the same loot prio as Officers.
- A person wanting to become a raider. ( 2-4 week trail).
- Need to attend atleast 2 raids a weeks.
- May not roll on loot against Members/Officers.
- Can't use guildbank.
- Name says it all, alt toons of members, initiates and friends.
- Can be a space filler for a raid, but can't roll on loot against Members/Officers.
- No bank alts.
- Can't use guildbank mats.
- Friend of the guild. Can be RL friends, family and so on. This rank however is not a place for ppl to hide when they dont want to raid. Friend rank is special and only offered to a few people.
- Can be a space filler for a raid, but can't roll on loot against Officers/members/initiates
- Can't use guildbank mats.
-  You can ask an officer to become a member, to raid with us. If you want this, you need to be ready to accept the responsibility & criticism that come with member status. If you're up to that task, the officers will put you on an "unofficial" trail period, and there is no need to formally apply on the forum. Ask an officer for more information or to suggest someone as a member rank.
- If you join the guild as a friends rank and are a class/role that we have too many members/officers ranks, it is highly unlikely you will be eligible to raid even as a spot filler or be promoted.


Main Switching
- You can switch your main at the discretion of the officers and will depend on if there is a raid spot available to you.
- Make sure that if you want to switch, that your new main will also have to be ready for the responsibility of being a member.
- We will not tolerate people asking to change main just because they have maxed out their main's gear.
- Changing main can be hard work to gear up. Be prepared to pug content.
With the ranking system it is easier to see how many active member we have. Recruitment is heavily considered by the officers, and each case is treated individually. We lose people all the time to RL, work, family commitments, leaving to other guilds... just the way it is. Recruitment brings fresh people into the guild, and keeps the older members on their toes. Here is the process:
Recruitment process:
- Applications form are filled in and posted on the recruitment forum thread.
- Sometimes officers will talk to the person applying.
- Officers discuss the application and see if there is a raid spot. This can sometimes take a while.
- Officers accept or decline an application for a trail.
- If the Initiate fulfills the Members requirements they will be made a full Member.
- If an Initiate fails a trail normally they get asked to leave. On rare occasions they are asked to join as a Friends rank.


Numbers & Classes:
- You can see the needed recruitment classes on the Home Page.
- If a class is open for recruitment which is the same as the one you play, this is no reflection on you, rather the officers decision that we need more.
- We firmly believe in "bringing the player not the class" and because of this we will look at every application regardless if we are heavy on that class.
Friends Invites:
Over the years we have gained a lot of friends rank people. Some are friends of the guild, ex-members or someones rl friend/family. However since WotLK we have discouraged inviting friends to the guild to keep the friends ranks low. Only members & officers may inv a friend to the guild, and still it would have to be discussed by the officers and there is no guarantee they will be allowed in.


Ideal friends are:
- True friend to the guild.
- Ex guildies/ Ex raiders.
- RL friends/family/partner.
- Active and adds to our community through personality or dungeon runs etc.


Undesired friends are:
- A low lvl friend. You want to "hang out with". We feel there is no reason to guild someone when it is easily done unguilded.
- Used as a backdoor way to becoming a Raider/Member.
- Someone wanting to be geared up, only to move on.
Offical raid days are: Monday, Wednesday & Thusday. These are normally 25-man raids.


Sign up cut off - 7.30pm server time
Approvals - 7.55pm server time.
Invs start - 8pm sever time.
First pull - 8.15pm sever time.
Ends - 11.30pm server time. (If we run over and need to leave you will not be penalized).
Steps to Raiding
 Step 1 - Signing up!
- Sign up HERE. You need to have registered using your main's name.
- There is usually 3 raids in advance on the calendar, but please make try and sign at least 30mins before the raid or you may lose your spot (so 7:30pm server time).
- If you can not make it, or going to be late you must either cancel or let us know.
- Even if there is a picture/text saying we are going to a certain raid/boss, this can change depending on the sign ups. Sign ups shouldn't be based on where we're going
Step 2 - Waiting for Approval
The approval will be done by the officers discussing it. There are a lot of factors deciding who will be approved, so don't jump to conclusions should you not be approved 3 raids in a row. Some of the factors are:
 - Experience (playing a class they are used to, known skill with said class and so on).
- Gear (some people really don't have the gear to raid yet).
- Abilities and skill (Though blizzard state no one class is needed, there are still times we need certain class skills).
- Lateness (if you have stated you will be late or need to leave early. Or if you have been late a few times in a row.)
- Rank (Friends ranks players do not have prio on raid spots)
- Dumb Luck (Sometimes we just gotta choose at random, if important roles are filled and we need 1 more random, it will probably be just that... random)
Step 3 -  Starting the raid
- Check if you have approved. (if it has gone past 8pm, the raid moved auto to the list below in "Previous Raids").
- Leave groups
- Prep for raid (see check list below).
- Make your way to the dungeon. Don't expect a summon so leave time for travel.
- Be there on time.
- Be patient. Things happen from time to time that slow us down a few mins.
- Bring a good mood and chat to guildies. We are playing for fun after all.
Raid Preparation Checklist:
- Repair.
- Have enough gold for repairs after wipes.
- Reagents.
- Pots.
- Buff food.
- Right spec?
- Have i gemed/enchanted new gear?
- Right gear *cough cos i forget to take off my pvp gear*.
- Gonna be late, or tight to log in? Make sure you're ready the night before.
- Read up on new fights?
- Been tot he bath room and got all food/drinks ready at the computer?
If you are a Raider, you are expected to raid 2 out of 3 official raid days. If you cannot make a raid, please cancel. If you don't have time to cancel please let an officer know as soon as you can why you couldn't make the raid. We have arrangements with a few people in terms of work, but we do not encourage people to be late or leave early. This is general common sense, and we just ask that you think about the other people raid.
If you sign up but were not picked for a raid, if you show up at raid start and stay for 30mins you will still gain credit on attendance. Do not assume that if there are many sign ups you will not be chosen.
We review the attendance a lot, and if you are falling under 60% we will ask you about it. If you have a good reason then it's normally ok. But if the fall in attendance is persistence we all must realistic and fair about the next steps. Ofcourse if you are new tot he guild/raiding your attendance will reflect that, so don't worry. Friends do not have to worry about attendance unless they wanting to become a raider.
Fun Raids & Off Days
There are many people that organize raids on off days and weekends. These raids do not count towards attendance. Anyone is allowed to organize them and do not have to be put on the calendar. The loot also is not rank based. But we do ask ofcourse to think about others even in a  fun run.
Duel Speccing & Alts in Raids
- In our official raids (mon, wed, thurs) we will be using main characters/specs. Should we need a certain role I.E. an extra healer then we will ask someone to bring in an alt/go to offspec. The reason for this is simply that on these raid days, we are aiming at new and harder content and we need people on their best character.
- We regard offspecs equal to alts, in both the loot table and rolls however main characters and specs will be able to roll over the offspec/alt player.
- You are allowed to pug any dungeon, but no raids.
- If in doubt ask an officer.
We use EPGP in this guild. Members and officers always have priority over initiates and friends. Basicly you will be given points for attendence and loot, that will result in a priority. The more raids you attend the higher your priority will be, and for every piece of loot you get your priority will be lowered. For a more detailed explination of EPGP click HERE. There is also an ingame addon to monitor your EPGP, you can download it HERE.
Loot Prio in Official Raids
Members/Officers --> Initiate/Friend --> Offspec/Dualspec/Alts/Officers alts used in raids --> Offspec/Dualspec/Alts/Officers alts used outside raids--> Different armor class --> DE
The officers many feel that an item is best suited in the hands of someone who didn't win. This does not happen often. But the officers will always have the last word on loot.
Being Fair
The looting attitude does change depending if we're farming or progressing through content. While progressing we try and spread the loot as much as possible, and we tend to say only one item per person per boss. Sometimes we even say one tier item per run. Ofc there are so many factors involved like more items droping for some, more tier tokens dropping. We find the best thing to do is talk to the other people involved and discuss an item before it drops. Ofcourse there are just some items that are an upgrade for everyone. Dont be afraid to roll.
We will notice if you're a loot whore (in a serious sense).
It's easy to see an item and just be blinded. You need to think clearly if you actually need an item. Here are a few tips:
- Check you don't have the item already.
- Do you need more time to check others in your class? just ask for a bit of time.
- Is it the right stats for your spec.
- is this really an upgrade or a side/stat grade?
- What do the others have in my class?
- How much loot did i got in this run?
- Does this item suit my personal playing style?
Abuse of Rank
Sometimes you might find yourself the only member/officer rank in your armor class. However we have often have friends and initiates with us. Ask yourself if something really is an upgrade. Initiate & some friends are not there for their health, some or there because they seriously want to raid with us and are only in a trail period. Sometimes we need to gear them up fast.
But what i have also seen is friends/inititates abuse the good nature of the members too. Or sometimes as soon as someone is made a member roll on everything because they know they will auto win. You have a responsibility when you are a member. Just be smart about it.
BoE Items
If no one wants a BoE item on their mains we normally put it in the gbank, then after a while sell the item to make money for the gbank.
Legendary Weapons/armor
We feel that legendary should not be rolled on, but rather put into the hand of someone that benefit the guild by having. There are a few ways this might be done, either the officers decide or it goes to a vote from the people the item effects. There are many factors when it comes to this like, is that a good player, is that person loyal to the guild etc. Please have understanding about these situations and be happy the guild had a drop.
Raid Mounts
There are a few, not many, but a few mounts that drop during raids. Since we dont use DKP for this, we feel everyone should have the chance to get it. There are two ways what we roll for them, we either assign one single person to do a raid roll or we get everyone to roll for themselves... please listen carefully to that the RL says you should do.
Guild Bank
- If you are member/officer, the guild bank can support you with mats for enchants, respecs (that are needed for a raid), pots etc. Please ask an offer for anything in other tabs.
- Everything in tabs 1&2 is for anyone to take... please to use the stuff that other kindly put there.
- We dont ask anyone to put anything in there, but as a guild with a good community people do anyway.
Off Day Raids
As we said above, loot in fun/off raids do not follow official raiding rules and normally free for all to roll on. However respect must still be shown in off raids since this has been an issue in the past. Just be fair and listen carefully who is running the raid, and take note this might not be an officer.
Guild relations and 'the simple way'
 We always do things the simple way. We are small guild for sure but we sure know how to stick it to them bosses when we put our minds to it. In this section is less about rules then just "unwritten" attitudes. We are a mature guild and much of this sections is comment sense.
- We very often don't do raids with the "ideal" raid set up. It is felt that doesn't matter, and we have proven time and time again we can do stuff with the worst set up.
- Don't get involved in dungeon general chat.
- Do not name and shame. Please leave the constructive criticism to the officers.
- For the love of god don't link meters. It's ok to have them, and privately compare, but please do not link them in raids.
- Try to keep chat lower on harder bosses, things can get confusing.
- Don't randomly link epics during looting.
- If you have not seen a fight before, when asked do tell us you haven't. We are happy to explain a fight. It's worse if you don't tell us and we assume you know the fight. Everyone has to have a first time.
- Feel free to ask guildies to go on runs, but please respect a "no".
- Don't get upset if guildies don't wanna go to dungeons, it's not personal, more that they are busy, or are simply sick of the 5 man instances.
- Being a dick in guild chat will not win you any cookies, and we try and keep the swearing down to a minimum.
- If someone says FU in this guild it's not normally meant in a bad way in this guild. Though be wary using it outside the guild because people don't see it as friendly banter.
- Just because there are no officers online does not mean we will not hear of "events".
- We have a lot of different people from different backgrounds and religions in this guild. Please be sensitive of this fact.
Outside of Guild
- I know it's lame saying you're ambassadors for Simple Pleasures, but yeah you are :P.
- It's a small world, and many people have friends of friends. We would not like to hear of disruptive behavior outside of the guild.
- Pugs are a great place to find fresh blood, since you guys do a lot of pugs just keep in mind anyone could be interested in joining us. 
- Please pick your battles wisely.
Getting on
Ofcourse not everyone in a guild will get on with everybody. Most of us spend most of our lives on here and we are like a second family, we are gonna have days where we're in a mood or get upset, but we hope if there is ever tension that it can be dealt with sensibly. We're not asking everyone to be happy shiny people, but just remember we're all human and have flaws. The more understanding you can have for eachother the better. If the officers feel someone has crossed a line, we will step in.
Most of the people in the guild try to be helpful with professions, but please do not expect people to be our online guide cos your too lazy to look up something online. Try and have mats correct and do not expect that someone can just give you something.
If you want you can help maintain the website. It's optional to do so, nobody is forced to do so, but if you want to help you can donate HERE.
Leadership and Simple history
 Lets get one thing clear, this guild works because  ALL the guildies work together to makes Simple shine. This section is only slightly modified from an older post, but it still reminds the way the Officers work and think.
It was once decided that the officers would rule more like a council of organizers rather than a main GM. Yes, we have a GM, but the decision making is as a group of officers.
The officers all work hard to keep the guild going. We see the changes in rules since the begiining as more a refining of the good things that have always been in this guild, while trying to maintain clear firm rules so that everyone knows where they stand. This openness is a fundamental ideal for the officer group to openly discuss, debate (and heated at times) and share new ideas... even if about difficult subjects like loot or alts or recruiting... which is important in a guild what has lasted this long.
It was also decided that the officers would try and be much more firm about the rules so that everyone knows where they stand in the guild. Sometimes officers will point out when you could do better, be more focused, not attending raids. not acting appropriately etc. but also the officers can't hold your hands, you have to sometimes just pull your finger out and just understand if you're e.g. low dps, dying in raids, not getting raid spots etc. The more honest you are to yourself the more you can improve.
Recruitment, raid set ups and difficult situations/subjects are always discussed amongst the officers. If you are not picked, or someone has not got into the guild, or we have come to a decision you dont like this is not one officer to blame. I know it's easy to blame the officer that delivers this kind of news, but usually they have just the officer groups spokes person.
The officers talk to each other, but if we are asked about something that needs to be discussed, sometimes we just don't have enough officers online or it's something that needs to be put on the forum. Also i'm sure it's clear that some officers have more knowledge in some areas than other, so sometimes we have to wait for them to log, but we do try to resolve things as quick as we can. Please be patient.
Seeing that we came all this way still using these ideals of how we wanted to run the guild, we are thrilled to see that the same ideals are still in place and the fundamentals of the guild are in tact.
---- BOTTOM LINE -----
 The rules will change from time to time when the situations asks for it. But at the end of the day the officers can change these rules when they see fit. But when we are all sensible, this guild will always adapt. If any of the above change then we will let you know in the members area of the forum.